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The tribal heroes as a group: history.

The tribal heroes as a group: mythology.

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Athenian Political Art from the fifth and fourth centuries: Images of Tribal (Eponymous) Heroes 

Amy C. Smith, edition of January 18 2003

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· The individual heroes: Ajax ·

Ajax (tribe: Aiantis)

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Xenophon (Xen. Hunt.).
Pausanias (Paus.).
Pindar (Pind. I.).
Plutarch (Plut. Sol.).
Homer (Hom. Il.).
Sophocles (Soph. Aj.).
Homer (Hom. Od.).
Herodotus (Hdt.).
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Mythology: Ajax, son of Telamon and of (P)eriboia, is attested as a hero from Salamis as early as Homer (Hom. Il. 2.257, 7.199; Hdt. 5.66). His genealogy is further discussed by archaic and classical authors (Xen. Hunt. 1.9, Paus. 1.42.4, and Pind. I. 6.45), as are his offspring (Soph. Aj. 574-75; Plut. Sol. 10; Hdt. 6.35.4), and his role as a warrior at Troy (Hom. Il. 2.557; Soph. Aj. 861; Hom. Od. 11.543-60; Hdt. 8.64).

Read about the evidence
Pausanias (Paus.).
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Megara (in text as “Megarian”).

Worship: Ajax was worshipped primarily at his home, Salamis (Paus. 1.35.3-4 notes a temple with an ebony statue) but also at Athens proper (probably in the Eurysakeion in Melite, for which see Hesperia 7 [1938] 18, 94 no. 15; this may be the sanctuary recorded in two inscriptions: Agora I 286 and IG II2, 1008.87). Pausanias also mentions a Megarian cult of Athena Aiantis (Paus. 1.42.4)

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