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Athenian Political Art from the fifth and fourth centuries: Images of Tribal (Eponymous) Heroes 

Amy C. Smith, edition of January 18 2003

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· The individual heroes: Aigeus ·

Aigeus (tribe: Aigeis)

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Apollodorus (Apollod.).
Euripides (Eur. Med.).
Apollodorus (Apollod. E.).
Plutarch (Plut. Thes.).
Pausanias (Paus.).
Diodorus (Diod.).
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Mythology: Aigeus was said to be the son of Pandion or Skyrios (Apollod. 3.15.5), or perhaps was adopted by Pandion (Plut. Thes. 13.1) and, despite several marriages (to Meta [Melite?] and Chalkiope), remained childless until he slept with Aithra (who subsequently bore Theseus) at Troizen (Apollod. 3.15.7; Plut. Thes. 3.5). He later married Medea (Eur. Med. 1384 ff.; Apollod. Epit. 1.5; Paus. 2.3.8), then was reunited with his son, Theseus (Plut. Thes. 12.2-6), and leapt to his death by jumping off the Acropolis when he saw black sails on Theseus’ ship (Paus. 1.22.5; Diod. 4.61.7).

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Harpocration (Harpoc).
Plutarch (Plut. Thes.).
Pausanias (Paus.).
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Sanctuary of Aphrodite Ourania.

Worship: Aigeus received a heroon (that is, a hero-shrine) at Athens, according to Paus. 1.22.5 (supported by Harpocration s.v. “Aigeion”); this may have been at the Delphinion, where he was said to live (Plut. Thes. 12.6), or the Sanctuary of Aphrodite Ourania, which he founded on account of his childlessness, according to Paus. 1.14.7.

Tribal connection: The only tribal detail relevant to Aigeus that is known to have been recorded is that Aigeus’ priest was chosen from among the tribesman of the Aigeis tribe (IG II2, 952).

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