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Athenian Political Art from the fifth and fourth centuries: Images of Tribal (Eponymous) Heroes 

Amy C. Smith, edition of January 18 2003

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Leos (tribe: Leontis)

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Plutarch (Plut. Thes.).
Demosthenes (Dem. 60).
Aelian (Ael. VH).
Diodorus (Diod.).
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Mythology: Although another Attic hero (Leos the herald; see Plut. Thes. 13) is known by this name, Leos the eponymous hero has no mythology aside from a mention that he is the son of Orpheus (Bekk. Anecd. 1.277.14), the father of Kylanthos (Suda, Phot. s.v. “Leokorion” [lambda,262; see also lambda,261), and three daughters—Euboule, Phrasithea or Praxithea, Theope or Theopompe—who sacrificed themselves to save Attica (Ps.-Dem. 60.29; Ael. VH 12.28; Diod. 17.15).

Worship: Leos was worshipped in the deme Skambonidai (IG I3, 244.C4-5) and perhaps in the Agora at the Leokoreion (discussed by S. Rotroff, Hesperia 47 [1978] 206-207).

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Tribal connection: The priest of Leos was chosen from among members of the Leontis tribe in 212/1 (IG II2, 847.51-52 = Dow 1937, 36). Tribal documents have been found on the Acropolis (IG II2, 1742) and at Daphni (IG II2, 2818), as well as in the Agora (Hesperia 9 [1941] 59-66 no. 8).

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