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David D. Phillips, with K. Kapparis, edition of March 27, 2003

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Hypereides son of Glaucippus of the deme Collytus (390/89-322) was a wealthy Athenian with a reputation as a trencherman and patron of high-class prostitutes. He was already influential in Athenian politics when he joined forces with Demosthenes to resist Philip of Macedon. In 343 Hypereides impeached Philocrates, author of the peace of 346, and secured a conviction. In 341 he went as ambassador to Rhodes, and possibly to Chios, to drum up support against Philip; and in 340 and 339 he was active in Athenian naval operations.

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Hypereides continued his hard-line anti-Macedonian stance after the loss at Chaeroneia: his speech “Against Philippides” (2), for example, attacks an illegal proposal made by Philippides awarding honors to Macedonians. He also found himself repeatedly at odds with Lycurgus, who brought numerous impeachments against Athenian citizens. Two of Hypereides’ surviving speeches (1 “For Lycophron” and 4 “For Euxenippus”) were delivered for the defense in impeachments; in both cases Lycurgus was involved in the prosecution.

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Lamia (in text as “Lamian War.”).

Hypereides was appointed one of the special prosecutors in the Harpalus affair; fragments of his speech “Against Demosthenes” (5), which helped convict his former associate, survive. After the death of Alexander the Great in 323, Hypereides led the war party in Athens and traveled abroad to win allies; accordingly, in 322, he was chosen to deliver the funeral oration (6) in honor of the Athenian dead in the Lamian War. Later that year, after the rebels were defeated, Hypereides was hunted down by order of Antipater and executed. (See also Oratory.)

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