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Adikia and Dike (Injustice and Justice).

Anangke (Necessity).

Arete (Excellence, Valor).

Basileia (Kingdom, Sovereignty, or Monarchy).

Boule (Council).

Demokratia (Democracy).

Demos (Populace) of Athens.

Demoi of demes.

Demoi of foreign cities.

Eirene (Peace).

Eukleia (Good Repute).

Eunomia (Good Order).

→ Eutaxia (Good Order).

Hellas (Greece).

Harmonia (Harmony).

Nemesis (Retribution).

Homonoia (Concord).

Oligarchia (Oligarchy).

Peitho (Persuasion).

Philia (Friendship).

Phyle/Phylai (Tribe/s).

Soteria (Salvation).


(Agathe) Tyche (Good Fortune).

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Athenian Political Art from the Fifth and Fourth Centuries BCE: Images of Political Personifications 

Amy C. Smith, edition of January 18 2003

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· Eutaxia (Good Order) ·


Discussion: Eutaxia is shown with Demos on one document relief, a catalog of liturgists. As Eutaxia is unparalelled elsewhere, she seems to have been created spontaneously for this particular context. Here Eutaxia seems to point to a list of participants in a tribal event, while Demos may be shown standing in his customary pose, about to crown the representative of the victorious phyle.


Athens, NM 2958: a standing female figure with Demos, honoring a man, on a relief, probably from a catalogue of liturgists (IG II2, 417), ca. 325-317 (shown here).

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