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Adikia and Dike (Injustice and Justice).

Anangke (Necessity).

Arete (Excellence, Valor).

Basileia (Kingdom, Sovereignty, or Monarchy).

Boule (Council).

Demokratia (Democracy).

Demos (Populace) of Athens.

Demoi of demes.

Demoi of foreign cities.

Eirene (Peace).

Eukleia (Good Repute).

Eunomia (Good Order).

Eutaxia (Good Order).

Hellas (Greece).

Harmonia (Harmony).

Nemesis (Retribution).

Homonoia (Concord).

Oligarchia (Oligarchy).

Peitho (Persuasion).

Philia (Friendship).

Phyle/Phylai (Tribe/s).

→ Soteria (Salvation).


(Agathe) Tyche (Good Fortune).

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Athenian Political Art from the Fifth and Fourth Centuries BCE: Images of Political Personifications 

Amy C. Smith, edition of January 18 2003

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· Soteria (Salvation) ·


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Discussion: Soteria is personified only once in Athenian visual arts, on a lidded pyxis in Athens, on which Basileia is also shown [1]. There is also no known connection of Basileia or Soteria with cults at Athens, any particular deities, or other personifications. One might have expected soteria ( σωτηρία) to be popular at Athens throughout the Classical period, as salvation and deliverance were what the city most needed.


  1. Athens, Fethiye Djami A 8922: a female figure, labelled ΣΩΤΗΡΙΑ, at the birth of Erichthonios, on the body of a lidded pyxis, painted in a style near the Meidias Painter, ca. 420-410.

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